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Free Drug Rehab

Free Drug Rehab Program

Free drug rehab lets you recover without worrying about the bill.

There are many addicts and alcoholics in need of drug treatment. However, most of them do not have insurance at all or do not have the money to pay for treatment themselves. Many addicts begin to feel stuck in their situation, give up and continue a never ending cycle of self-destruction.

There are over 1500 drug and alcohol rehabs across the country that are free or nearly free. Many states allow their residents to attend state rehabilitation centers at no cost, but because states are facing budget cuts, some do not have the resources available for everyone and give those in the worst circumstances the opportunity to attend at no charge before considering others.

What is Free Drug Rehab?

There are several different types of free drug rehab run by nonprofit charity programs that focus on the need for support instead of money. Information on programs states make available can be located on their official page under health and drug rehabilitation services. There are several options available such as government funded treatment centers or programs offered by the Salvation Army.

Contacting a drug treatment facility and discussing poverty intake opportunities is one more chance of receiving free drug rehab services. When aware of the different ways to get drug and alcohol rehab free or at little cost, the next step, is to decide on which option is the right one.

Benefits of Free Drug Rehab

Free drug rehab through the Salvation Army provides avenues for finishing a high school diploma, college level classes and work related training. They believe that patients who work during their rehabilitation process gain a sense of responsibility, skills that can be used for future employment and life-skills that allow them the ability to relate to others in a social setting.

Treatment Provided at Free Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is a neurological illness that varies from one person to the next; so treatment is developed to meet the needs of individual patients physically and mentally. Medical detoxification always precedes rehabilitation which allows the patient focus on recovery rather than the symptoms of withdrawal. There is a wide range of treatments available, and many include the family members so they can help their loved ones break the addiction cycle and stay sober after leaving drug rehabilitation centers.