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Addiction Rehab Centers

Addiction Rehab

Addiction rehab can help with the different causes and effects of addiction.

Rehab centers use various methods to treat patients suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Through counseling, therapy and in some cases medication based treatment, addiction rehab centers help patients recover and regain control of their lives.  Understanding that addiction comes in many different forms and that it affects people in a number of ways helps addiction rehab centers to make sense of the many things that people do as a result of their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Causes and Effects of Addiction

Addiction can be the result of doing too much of a recreational party drug, being prescribed a prescription medication or suffering a trauma that results in the “need” to cover up the pain.  No matter what the cause of the addiction, for many individuals, the effects of addiction are often the same:

  • Loss of work, poor grades and other social traumas
  • Fighting with friends or family members, stealing from friends or family or suffering other relationship problems
  • Illness or permanent damage to the heart, lungs, stomach or other systems of the body
  • Loss of a home, car or other personal possessions or suffering similar financial problems
  • Problems with the law such as being arrested for drug possession, DUI, shoplifting or a similar situation

Some drug addictions are more dangerous and have stronger or more severe effects than others.  For instance, an individual who is addicted to methamphetamine may look like they have been using the drug for 20 years after just a few months whereas a person addicted to marijuana may show very few signs of use initially.  This doesn’t make either one of the drugs better for an individual but some drugs are more addicting, some drugs do have more severe consequences and some drug addictions are more difficult for rehab centers to treat than others.

Types of Addiction Rehab Centers

Most rehab centers focus their treatment methods on a series of counseling and therapy combined with medication as needed and some form of aftercare services to keep the recovering addict on track long after they have completed a residential, inpatient or outpatient addiction rehabilitation program.  There are many types of addiction rehab centers but most are categorized as either:

  • Inpatient or residential rehab centers
  • Outpatient rehab centers
  • Long term rehab centers
  • Private rehab centers

Inpatient rehab centers provide around the clock medical monitoring and care in a facility in which the recovering addict eats, sleeps and lives until the treatment program is completed.  Inpatient rehab is ideal for those suffering from extreme addiction problems, those who have been addicted for a very long time, and for those who have tried to quit using drugs or alcohol in the past and have failed.  These addiction rehab centers provide guidance, support, medical care and everything the patient needs to make a full recovery in an environment where drugs and alcohol are not only unavailable—they are also strictly prohibited.

Unlike inpatient rehab centers which provide around-the-clock care and monitoring of the patient, outpatient rehab centers provide very limited monitoring for the addict except when they are physically at the location of the rehab center itself.  The patient is not required to live at the facility and they do not receive housing or meals at the facility.  Outpatient rehab centers are best for those who suffer from mild addictions, those who have already successfully completed an inpatient rehab program or those who have very strong support structures at home with their family.

The Cost of Drug Rehab

After determining which type of rehab is most suitable, the next factor to consider is the cost of drug rehab.   Drug rehab program costs differ from one program to the next and depend much on the level of treatment that is provided, the level of privacy that is provided and the location of the rehab program.  Inpatient addiction rehab centers tend to cost more than outpatient rehab programs mainly because they provide housing, around-the-clock care, medical monitoring and meals which are not provided at most outpatient programs.  Further, private rehab programs are usually more costly then open or community rehab centers.  Read more about how much drug rehab costs here.