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Drug Rehab Programs

Drug Rehab

Drug rehab programs can give you the support you need to successfully recover.

Drug addiction affects not only the drug user but the friends, family and society who are around the drug user. For those who suffer from drug addiction and for the friends and family members who are suffering alongside the addict, the most important step is to get help.  Drug rehab programs provide a range of helpful and insightful addiction treatment options that are aimed at helping addicts of all walks of life to overcome addiction, take control of their lives, and heal from the pain that addiction has caused.

Drug rehab programs provide a life-saving solution for those suffering from addiction to drugs such as methamphetamine, crack cocaine, heroin, prescription medications and various other conditions.  Patients are treated through various modalities such as counseling, therapy, holistic care, natural methods and with medications to successfully persevere through addiction and make a full recovery.

Many drug rehab programs also treat dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders such as mental illness, alcohol addiction or similar conditions.  Effective drug rehab programs include the following components that will help an addict to recover and maintain lasting sobriety:

  • Medical monitoring for the safety and health of the patient
  • Detox
  • Family counseling and relationship therapy
  • Aftercare and sober living

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends that patients receive at least 90 days of treatment in order for a drug rehab program to be most effective.  While some treatment programs may only last 30 days, these programs are not likely to provide the patient with the same added benefits that a longer term treatment program paired with quality aftercare can provide.  In some cases, especially those of severe drug addiction, it may even be necessary for a patient to undergo a long term drug rehab program in which the patient is in treatment for a period of 6 months to a year or more.

Types of Drug Rehab Programs

Drug rehab programs come in all shapes, sizes and lengths that are structured to meet the very unique needs of addicts suffering from all types of addictions.  While each type of drug rehab program focuses primarily on providing counseling, therapy, medical monitoring and aftercare, the way that these services are provided can differ greatly from one rehab program to the next.  For instance, Christian drug rehab programs utilize the bible and faith in God in every aspect of treatment while Holistic drug rehab programs take a whole body approach to treatment that focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit.

Christian Drug Rehab

Christian drug rehab programs use the Christian faith to help addicts overcome addiction and maintain the appropriate path to sobriety.  These programs utilize the bible and an individual’s faith in God to help the patient learn how to cope with their problems, deal with pain and trauma and focus on staying on the right path to long term sobriety.

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Free Drug Rehab

Free drug rehab programs provide limited services to those in recovery but these services are provided at absolutely no cost to the patient.  Some of the most common free drug rehab programs have included methadone treatment programs that are community based but there are others.  In many cases, twelve-step treatment programs are combined with the free drug rehab programs to provide patient’s with adequate counseling, therapy and support for their recovery.

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Holistic Drug Rehab

Holistic drug rehab programs take a full body approach to treatment of drug addiction.  In this type of drug rehab, the patient is viewed as a whole person whose system works together and is affected in many ways by addiction as well as illness and spiritual health.  Holistic drug rehab programs treat the mind, body and spirit for a rounded approach to addiction treatment.  They focus on treating the individual not just the addiction.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab programs provide in-house, around-the-clock medical monitoring and care for the patient.  These programs are the most intensive of all types of addiction treatment and drug rehab as they have the most significant patient monitoring systems in place and they require the patient to live at the facility but they also have the highest treatment success rates.  Inpatient drug rehab programs typically span a period of 30, 60, 90 days or more depending on the individual health of the patient and the severity of their addiction.

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Long Term Drug Rehab

Long term drug rehab programs are those which provide extended treatment plans that last a period of 6 months or more.  Most long term drug rehab programs last at least a year and are quite intensive in the structure and manner of treatment that is provided to the patient.  Long term drug rehab programs may be inpatient, outpatient or both and primarily used to treat patients who have already tried treatment in the past and failed or for those who suffer from extreme addictions that are difficult to treat.

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Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient rehab programs provide many of the same services that inpatient rehab programs offer but they do not provide housing, meals or around-the-clock monitoring and care.  These programs are reserved for those in recovery who have either, already completed an inpatient rehab program, have a strong support system at home, who cannot attend inpatient treatment due to work or family obligations or who suffer from only a minor addiction to drugs.  Outpatient drug rehab provides counseling, care and medication as necessary on a day to day basis without overnight care.

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Private Drug Rehab

Private drug rehab programs are usually limited access and can be more costly than community type programs but they do have their advantages; these programs allow the patient to focus on themselves and their own treatment without the worry of their privacy being invaded by others.  Private drug rehab programs are ideal for those who have significant roles in business or society and for anyone who wishes that their drug addiction treatment remains behind closed doors.  In private drug rehab programs, group counseling is even limited in respect of the privacy of the individual.

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Residential Drug Rehab

Residential drug rehab programs are essentially the same as inpatient drug rehab programs.  The names are used interchangeably in most cases to represent around-the-clock treatment and medical monitoring in a controlled environment where drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited.  Residential drug rehab programs provide counseling, therapy and in some cases detox services for the patient to assist in recovery from addiction, mental illness an related disorders.

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