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Types of Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

It is important to understand the different types of drug addiction.

Drug addiction affects thousands of people every day causing relationship problems, health problems, mental disorders, legal problems and a number of other difficult to cope with situations.  Just as there are many different types of drugs, there are many different types of drug addiction.  Depending on the drug that an individual is addicted to as well as various other conditions such as their own personal mental and physical health, the length of time the individual has been addicted to the drug and various other factors such as the level of drug use, addiction may take weeks, months or even years to overcome.

Addiction to Prescription Drugs

The majority of addicts who become addicted to prescription medications find themselves addicted after having been legally and legitimately prescribed the medication.  Over time, it takes more and more of the prescription drugs to result in the same affect for the patient as the patient has developed a tolerance for the drugs.  Tolerance is what ultimately leads to the individual suffering from addiction to prescription drugs.  Read more about prescription drug addiction here.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that quickly causes addiction.  Cocaine addiction can result in a number of adverse effects including brain damage, respiratory failure, seizures or even death.  Cocaine use has been linked to a number of deadly disease and disorders including heart disease, irregular heartbeat and increased blood pressure.  Read more about cocaine addiction here.

Crack Addiction

Crack is the cooked or hard form of cocaine that results when the powder cocaine is mixed with ammonia or another substance and cooked to a hard, rock form.  Crack addiction is one of the most powerful addictions affecting the addict in a number of ways.  It can severely damage a person’s physical and psychological well-being leaving the addict in dire need of help.  Crack addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to be treated in rehab centers today.  Read more about crack addiction here.

Heroin Addiction

Heroin, derived from the poppy plant, is one of the most dangerous and deadly substances in the world.  Heroin addiction can lead to sickness, disease and even death.  There is no easy way to stop using heroin as the addiction is so strong physically that those patients who stop using the drug suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms that are painful and even deadly.  Read more about heroin addiction here.

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction can result in anxiety, mood imbalances and various other psychological disorders.  While marijuana addiction may not be as deadly as some other substance abuse problems such as addiction to opiates, heroin or methamphetamine it can still cause many problems for the addict.  Most marijuana addiction problems can be treated with traditional group therapy, psychotherapy and in some cases medication to treat any psychological disorders which have resulted from the marijuana use or which may have been present prior to the marijuana abuse.  Read more about marijuana addiction here.

Methamphetamine Addiction

Crystal meth is a very dangerous substance that is highly addictive.  There are a number of very serious health dangers that can arise with prolonged methamphetamine use including heart failure, damage to the lungs, anxiety, depression and many other mental health conditions.  Methamphetamine addiction can be treated through counseling, therapy and medications.  Read more about methamphetamine addiction here.