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How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

Drug Rehab Cost

Drug rehab can cost different amounts depending on the services you want and need.

The cost of drug rehab cannot easily be determined as each facility is different and will charge significantly different amounts for their treatment and services.  There are some factors that do change the cost of drug rehab causing the overall fees to be either higher or lower on the spectrum.  Factors to consider when determining what your drug rehabilitation will cost include:

  • The location of the rehab center (higher demand locations tend to cost more)
  • The type of treatment (inpatient vs. outpatient, inpatient tends to cost more)
  • The level of addiction (difficult to treat addictions like Heroin addiction tend to cost more)
  • Medications used during treatment (the more medication, the higher the cost)
  • The length of the treatment program (the longer programs typically come at a higher cost)
  • The accommodations provided (luxury vs. standard, luxury of course costs more)
  • Insurance coverage (many insurance companies provide at least limited coverage which can greatly reduce the cost to the patient)

Paying for Drug Rehab

If you’re not sure how you will afford the cost of drug rehab, consider one of these options that may be of assistance to you when it comes to paying for drug rehab:

  • Low cost or free treatment:  Many local community centers, doctors and facilities will provide low cost treatment or free services such as medications, therapies, counseling and group sessions
  • Sliding Fee Scales:  Many rehab centers offer a sliding fee scale that allows patients to pay for their treatment based on their income and ability to pay so for those with little money the fees are reduced significantly
  • Insurance:  Most insurance companies, especially state funded insurance and Medicaid, cover at least some of the cost of addiction treatment and many states require insurance companies to provide coverage at least for drug or alcohol detox.
  • Church or Religious Organizations:  Talk with your local pastor or religious organization about your needs for help and see if there are any funds which may be able to help you pay for treatment, many religious organizations will fund treatment in an effort to help members of the community to recover
  • Friends or family members:  In many cases, you can get financial help and support from friends or family members.  Don’t be afraid to swallow your pride and ask for help during this difficult time.  After all, treatment is a good thing!