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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction symptoms can cause your life to become overwhelming.

In most cases, drug addiction begins with the drug being used either casually or socially with friends or peers.  Over time, the drug use becomes habit forming and the user will begin to do drugs more and more often.  Recognizing the symptoms of drug addiction begins with understanding that drug addiction is the result of a tolerance that is built from extended drug abuse. As time goes on, more and more of the drug is necessary to produce the same effects and when the addicted individual stops using the drug, there’s a chance that the cravings to continue using will become so intense that the person will feel physically ill.  This is known as withdrawal.

Drug Addiction Symptoms

  • Feeling the need to use more and more of a drug to feel the same effect
  • Trying to stop using but always resorting back to doing the drug
  • “Chasing the Dragon” always making sure that you have more of the drug available, not running out or taking extensive measures to find more of the drug if you do run out
  • Spending money on the drug when you don’t have money to spend such as spending bill money, rent money, or savings
  • Lying, cheating or stealing to get the drug
  • Using drugs to cope with problems rather than coping in a sober way
  • Taking part in risk activities after using the drug such as driving while impaired, promiscuous activity or otherwise taking part in a dangerous activity while under the influence of the drug
  • Focusing time and energy on finding the drug, using the drug or otherwise being focused more on drugs than on other aspects of life

In teenagers, the symptoms of drug addiction may be slightly different than what is commonly noticed in adults who are addicted to drugs.  Because teens live a different lifestyle than the average adult, the symptoms of teenage drug addiction can be somewhat different.  It may be difficult to distinguish between normal teenage mood swings or tantrums and actual addiction to drugs, but here are some symptoms to watch out for:

  • Failing grades, low grades or other problems at school such as getting into fights, missing school or skipping class
  • Neglecting to take care of their own appearance, a lack of motivation to shower, dress nicely or otherwise be concerned about their looks
  • Behavioral changes such as being overly aggressive about their privacy, keeping secrets beyond the norm, lying about the people they are hanging out with or becoming detached from certain friends or family members
  • Stealing from family, spending money without an answer as to where the money was spent or asking for money but never having anything to show for the money